Project Description


The Baia di Nora Hotel in Pula, in Southern Sardinia, is situated on the of Sardinia’s most unknown and captivating coasts, close to the ancient Phoenician city of Nora: a perfect place to enjoy nature and tranquillity.

The Baia di Nora Hotel will welcome you with its elegant rooms and suites surrounded by nature, with a private white sandy beach and its turquoise colored waters. Here you will enjoy a vacation away from the buzz of the city, in a peaceful setting surrounded by Mediterranean nature.

Together with your partner of your family, you will have at your disposal everything you need for a truly relaxing vacation.

The hotel boasts a peaceful location that will give you the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders of this Souther Sardinian region: the archeological site of Nora, the Nora Lagoon and its nature itineraries, the sea a few meters away from your rooms and the possibility to experience all the excitement Sardinia has to offer.

From diving to kite surfing, from snorkeling to sailing, from hikes to the mountains of Pula to kayak and canoe tours of the coves and beaches: the Baia di Nora offers its guests a myriad of activities for a unique experience.