In the centre of southern Sardinia, less than an hour’s drive from the regional capital, Cagliari, one can find the most evocative history, culture and age-old traditions of Sardinia and its people.

The Marmilla owes its name to the shape of its rolling hills, which evoke the image of fecund udders. There is historical evidence spanning from the Nuragic period (Su Nuraxi in Barumini, a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Nuragic villages of Su Mulinu in Villanovafranca and Genna Maria in Villanovaforru, Sa Domu e S’orcu in Siddi) to the medieval period of the Giudicati of Sardinia, such as the Castle of Sanluri, the Castle of Las Plassas, etc.

An inestimable environmental heritage, as with the Giara park and its small horses still living in the wild in an enchanting natural oasis.

A people and a land with a rural vocation where top quality products belonging to the Mediterranean culture are still produced, such as the Cappelli wheat, olive oil from centuries-old olive trees, wines from native vines, many genuine products with ancient flavours that can be relished in the welcoming restaurants and holiday farms of the area.

Small villages and picturesque hamlets where the slow pace of daily life, the stories of the elderly, the anecdotes, the ancient legends, the craftsmen’s workshops become the ideal setting for unforgettable holidays and experiences.