In a Campidanese house, in a typical location or in a farmhouse, you will experience the rhythms and customs of the area and learn the techniques for preparing typical local specialities. Guided by master craftsmen, in accordance with the most time-honoured customs, you will be able to learn the basic techniques for working with ceramics, basket making, wood and cork. You will take part in the preparation of traditional Sardinian first courses: is malloreddus and is orighittas “the campidanese way”, is culurgiones, sa fregula. You will have the opportunity of seeing the various stages of milk processing and taste freshly made ricotta and cheese.  You will learn the preparation and baking of traditional Sardinian bread and sweets.

You will discover the techniques of roasting and then enjoy the renowned myrtle-flavoured suckling pig or a barbecue of freshly caught fish from the gulf.