If you would like to explore faith and spirituality during your holiday, Sardinia is the ideal destination.

Centuries-old places of worship, sacred sites, churches, cathedrals, sanctuaries and country churches peppered throughout Sardinia will offer you the opportunity to appreciate their artistic and cultural beauty.

An evocative journey through history, spirituality and art.

From north to south, passing along the east coast, you can admire the Romanesque churches of the Holy Trinity of Saccargia, San Pietro di Sorres in Borutta, San Gavino in Porto Torres and San Pietro in Galtellì; or you can explore, in the very heart of Sardinia, the locations of the Blessed Antonia Mesina in Orgosolo and of Sister Maria Gabriella in Dorgali.

Moving to the Southwest you can start from Cagliari with its cathedral, the sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Bonaria and the ancient Protoromanesque church of San Saturnino; then across the south-western part, passing through Nora and going up towards the Sulcis Iglesiente, where you can admire the mining sites of Nebida and Masua, not forgetting Parteolla with the country church of Santa Sibiola in Serdiana and the Cathedral of San Pantaleo in Dolianova.

But let’s not forget the inland villages in the Sarcidano and Marmilla areas: from Laconi, the village of Sant’Ignazio, to Gesturi, the home of the Blessed Nicholas, to the Nuragic village of Barumini, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the church of San Pietro apostolo in Tuili with its precious 16th century retable, one of the greatest artistic expressions of the Renaissance in Sardinia.

Finally, the Sinis peninsula: you can travel from the Cabras pond to the eastern end to visit the 4th  century cathedral of San Giovanni Battista and the Phoenician remains of Tharros.